I don’t need to talk about the shit I survived to show how tough I am
I don’t need to call y’all names and say how bad I am
In the same breath,
cause I respect life enough
not to use it’s darkest side,
the moments I cried,
the moments I lost my pride,
the moments I almost died
to hide my inside
I know exactly who I am,
I know exactly what I can,
I know all my weak spots,
what made me stronger and what smashed my thoughts
Still I’m here,
I didn’t loose myself
And I never will
cause I know where To find myself
I’m not afraid of my own roots,
I’m aware of where I came from
And I’ll always remember,
Even if I never go back
To the cage
in early age,
the resulting rage
all written on one page
and the lack
Of loyalty, family, trust
I tried to adjust
to a castle of dust
But I couldn’t
And after some time
I knew that I wouldn’t
Play by somebody else’s rules
just cause I’m scared of my own tools

I fear nothing
Try to put me down and I rise from the ashes
Put me in chains and see how your hand crashes
I’m a Phoenix, I spread my wings and set my own soul on fire
Look at me, look at what you try to achieve but can only admire

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